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Experience behind-the-scenes ministry as you engage in classes that will teach you how to develop and preach sermons, engaging an audience, and much more.

worship arts

Worship is much more than being a great musician. Engage in classes that will address the heart of a worshiper, challenge your musicianship, and enhance your eye and ear for production.


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personal discipleship

Every Christ-follower should know how to follow and grow with Jesus. But we don't just want to tell you; we want to show you. 


BASE exists to provide believers with practical training and direction to share the Gospel fearlessly in their everyday lives.  With powerful instruction from Mattie Montgomery and other guest teachers, students are sure to come away with a greater fire for the Gospel, and a greater love for those around them.

1st year life lessons

All things life and leadership. Perhaps our most practical class. A 1st Year course of intense, Bible-based study covering everything from personal character formation to Biblical patterns in long-term relationships and love.

2nd Year LEadership 

Lessons from modern leadership experts are strategically structured to guide 2nd Year  students through their current leadership responsibilities while simultaneously equipping them for their future.

3rd Year ministry hq 

A 3rd Year course of applicable principles for a career in ministry, ranging from the effective launching of a ministry to creating a budget and working with church volunteers.


If you have a creative edge, we provide opportunities for you to further develop and do what you love. Between development labs and real-life opportunities, you can gain experience in set design, graphics, social media marketing, and more.


scripture studies

Weekly in-depth study of a passage of scripture that includes research, reading, and writing elements. Students will be tested on content.

book rePORTS

We believe that every leader is a reader. Therefore, we require all interns to read pre-selected books during the year.

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your diplomas

year 1

Diploma in Life Skills Development

year 2

Diploma in Leadership Studies

year 3

Diploma in Ministerial Studies