Frequently asked questions

How much does tuition cost?

Tuition is $990 / semester. Tuition does not include food or lodging. If you're interested in Host Homes, there will be an additional cost.                                                       


Does HVLe have Standards that a  traditional college would not have?

Yes! As part of the strategic discipleship experience, we have some standards in place that are crucial for each of our four stages. Please review our handbook to explore what the differences are and how it charts you on a greater path to success.


What if I have a learning disability?

Our staff is very understanding and works with interns on an individual basis. If memorization is a legitimate struggle for you, you may be allowed to test in a form that is determined best for you. We ask that you are upfront about your concerns with our staff from the beginning so they can work with you on various study and learning methods.

Is housing provided for interns?

We provide Host Homes for our students who live outside of a 35 mile radius. Spaces are limited. Cost is roughly $200 / month.


Is HVLE Accredited?

While HVLE is not accredited, Messenger College is fully-accredited, and you can earn a degree if you choose. Cost is $325 / credit hour.


When Can Interns Leave and return from breaks

We do not allow interns to leave earlier or arrive later than the times specified in our handbook and calendar. Any violations will be addressed at the time of occurrence.

am i allowed to work?

Many of our interns work part-time jobs, but they must be flexible enough to work with your HVLE schedule.            


How Long is the program?

Each year of the program is 9 months long (late August to mid May). You may choose to return for up to three years.



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