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more affordable than ever!



At only $990 / semester, internship is more affordable than ever! Our annual missions trip is not included, but are committed to helping you fundraise.



Host Homes are available at $200 / month. Spaces are limited. We are also pursuing housing through local apartments. More info to come!


College credit

Messenger College is a separate program and is not mandatory for HVLE students. Those who choose MC will owe $325 / credit hour.

A note to donors

We believe that God works miracles in and through our students while a part of HVLE. And for many of our students, even with limited costs, you were that miracle. Your decision to offer some of your financial resources allows them to continue pursuing the higher calling that God has placed on their lives.

On behalf of the entire HVLE team, thank you for your time and willingness to invest in the next generation. The role you've played in students' lives has been critical to their success!


The Higher Vision Leadership Experience is a 9-month internship program designed to help young adults Find God's Vision for Their Lives. Our goal is to provide a hands-on Experience that will prepare them for all areas of culture, while specifically teaching them to live and Lead like Jesus.



HV Church Admin Office

28776 The Old Road
Valencia, CA 91355
Responds within 24-48 Hours

Feel free to peruse the website! If you'd like to see how you can get more involved or if you're interested in becoming a Host Home, please contact us via one of the options listed above!